Community First Responder take over week: Ian Dalglish talks about the incident that inspired him to become a volunteer life-saver for the ambulance service

Ian was staying at a camping site in Necton, Norfolk while house-hunting early in 2010 when one afternoon a fellow camper collapsed.

“I was not the unlucky one to require the ambulance but observed the coming and goings from the comfort of my motorhome. Within what appeared to be a few minutes a car arrived and two people, with yellow high visibility vests and large rucksacks went to the assistance of the unfortunate camper.

“Some five or ten minutes later a large ambulance arrived and after a while left with their patient.

“I spoke to Tony, the farmer who owned the site, and remarked that the paramedics were very quickly on the scene. He told me that they were not paramedics but community first responders from the local area. I had not heard of them but the incident prompted me to do some research.”

More than two years later Ian had settled into his new home and was enjoying a relaxing Sunday evening late in 2012.

“The on call telephone rang to request attendance to someone with breathing problems in  Necton.

“I grabbed my yellow high visibility vest and rushed to my car where I keep my large rucksacks to go to the aid of the patient.

“It is our community we serve – I have made a difference and you can too.”

For more about Community First Responder take over week which was launched to highlight the wonderful work of our volunteer life-savers and encourage more to join please visit, our Facebook page, Twitter at or look out for the Twitter hash tag #CFRTakeover


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