Wise up: How to kit your car out for winter

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As part of our wise up for winter campaign we are promoting road safety, and as well as driving safely, it’s important that your car is as well-equipped as possible to deal with the poor weather and darker evenings.

Andy Reid, Head of Driver Training and Development at EEAST, says: “As well as ensuring that you are taking care while on the roads, it’s important that before you begin your journey, your car is roadworthy. Make sure you check you water, oil, tyre pressure and lights, and top up the water with anti-freeze (as per manufacturer’s instructions).”

“Unfortunately people do break down and accidents do happen, so it’s important that we’re prepared for this, especially when the weather can be at its worst.”

Items that it is useful to keep in your car over winter include:

  • Blankets
  • A first aid kit
  • A high visibility jacket
  • An ice scraper
  • Food
  • Water
  • A torch
  • A shovel

“It’s also worth ensuring that family or friends know where you are heading to if you are making a long journey, and that your mobile phone is charged before you set out should you need to call for help,” concludes Andy.

Read further road safety advice from EEAST.


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1 Response to Wise up: How to kit your car out for winter

  1. Arun says:

    What ever vehicle you have, should need of make sure all the things available in it. especially first kit is very important one for our safety.

    Ambulance Conversion Dubai

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