Not all minor accidents and illnesses are emergencies!

Interim medical director for EEASTDr Scott Turner, medical director at the East of England Ambulance Service and a GP says: “A lot of people who need medical help may consider visiting either their GP or A&E or dialing 999. However, the NHS offers many more ways for people to get the right treatment.

“Minor accidents which don’t need emergency treatment include cuts, sprains and rashes. People with this type of injury can visit Walk-In Centres or a Minor Injuries Unit where an appointment isn’t needed and a wide range of non-urgent conditions can be treated. “In many instances, pharmacies can help by giving advice and over-the-counter remedies for diarrhoea, minor infections, headaches, coughs and colds, as well as selling bandages and supports for minor twists and sprains.

Wise Up for Winter Logo“Anyone who is unsure on the best course of action can always ring NHS 111 for health advice 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

“However, choking, chest pain, blacking out, serious blood loss and fractures are all considered emergencies, so don’t hesitate to call 999 for ambulance assistance for anyone with those symptoms”.

A final tip from Scott is to make sure your save your GP surgery telephone number and NHS 111, which gives you access to GP out of hours advice when your doctor’s surgery is closed into your mobile phone. “That way you can call quickly and easily call for advice if you need it”.


About East of England Ambulance Service

Our aim is to be the recognised leader in emergency, urgent and out of hospital care in the East of England....
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